Imagination is Everything

Once upon a time…

Wylde Scott was born on a mountain top, somewhere between the beginning of time and the clock’s bell last night. His father was the stars and his mother the wind, they say he began with a mischievous grin.

He was raised by a band of gypsies who taught him to sing and laugh and play and dance and walk and skip on the palm of his hands.

He has lived and traveled all over all over the world, from Shanghai and Kalamazoo, to Bangkok and Timbuktu, and still has a house on the bright side of the moon.

He is a Sultan and Matador, and Knight through and through, but mostly he loves telling stories to wide eyed, big dreaming, belly giggling children like you

Meet the Possible Police…

Solomon P. Doubtful

Fifth Earl of the Isle of Kant. Chief Inspector for the office of Skepticism. World Champion Cynic and the world’s foremost expert on what is beyond reach. His favorite words include unable, unfeasible, unviable, unworkable, unattainable, unachievable, unrealistic, and unrealizable.
Hobbies include showing hesitation, identifying the insurmountable, and generally being suspicious of anything unknown, unproven, or unseen.

Rutherford H. Fearful

Lord Baron of the fields of Wont. Director General for the Department of Trepidation. Minister of Anxiety. Chief Alarmist of the Privy Council. His primary responsibilities include what shouldn’t, wouldn’t, mustn’t and couldn’t be done.
Hobbies include waiting for rain and worrying about things that may never come to pass. Enjoys repeating the obvious and being a wet blanket.

William Mackery Naysayer

Viscount of Neverwille. Captain of The Possible Police, Imperial Sergeant at Arms and Her Majesty’s representative for the High Council on Pessimism. He is highly trained in the arts of denial, opposition, resistance, and rejection. He is an Ambassador for those who lack vision and Senior Commander of the Naught Regiment.
Hobbies include taking the joy and fun out of things. Shooting down new ideas. And bringing people back to reality.